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Company History
    360 Systems’ focus is new technology for the broadcast, entertainment and Pro-AV industries. From the 1970s, new semiconductor and software developments enabled a wealth of creative tools for these markets. 360 Systems’ role is the design of advanced products requested by our creative customers. As the tech era continues, these remain the best of times to be in this industry.

360 Systems was founded in 1972 by Robert Easton, a U.S.C. cinema department graduate working in the Hollywood film industry. The firm's original business plan focused on applying new semiconductor technology to products for the music and recording industries. Many of these "firsts" from the 1970's have since become industry standards, including today's popular digital keyboards with sounds stored in ROM, programmable equalizers, polyphonic and single-line guitar synthesizers, and the Compumix™ automated mixing console, marketed by Quad Eight Electronics.

Advanced technology is changing the face of the entertainment industry. The design of tools for creative people is what 360 Systems is all about.

During the 1980's, 360 Systems introduced its Permanent Playback™ digital audio message players, which became a standard in theme parks around the world. Permanent Playback replaces recording tape by storing high quality audio on EPROM memory chips. The revolutionary design removes all moving parts and delivers a virtually maintenance free system. Twenty five years later, original units are still in service.
360 Systems entered the broadcast equipment business with the introduction of the DigiCart® recorder in 1990.

Providing the first real option to analog cart machines, DigiCart offers a level of reliability never before achieved with tape. Newer models continue to provide solutions for today's broadcast needs-including internal hard disk storage, the convenience of removable media, and one of the longest-lived standards in the broadcast industry. DigiCart recorders are found throughout television, and radio networks around the world.

As the advantages of digital audio became clear, 360 Systems designed products that emphasized reliability and ease-of-use. 360 Systems Instant Replay® offers instant access to 1,000 audio clips of almost any length. Twenty years later, it's still the leading spot-player in radio and television.

360 Systems' Short/cut™ Editor is designed for fast, on-air editing of audio source materials. Short/cut provides a completely self-contained portable solution to waveform editing, and includes features usually found in full-blown workstations: scrub-editing, cut-copy-paste, DSP-generated cross-fades, and instant retrieval of audio clips. The Short/cut editor has found service in radio and television production, remote broadcast trucks, and voice-over facilities.
360 Systems introduced audio networking for television broadcast with the “Ethernet Audio™" network, which provides shared-access to centrally-stored audio files. The DigiCart-E® recorder can be used either on the Ethernet Audio network, or as a self-contained recorder-editor.

First shown at the April 2003 NAB Convention, the Image Server family of video servers set new standards for features and performance. Nearly 3,000 units are in service around the world.

360 Systems new MAXX™ High Definition servers include large multi-channel models with high storage capacity, and affordable three-channel servers for mid-markets and Pro AV.

The mission of 360 System's Video Division is to deliver high-value DTV products that have significantly greater capabilities, and much lower costs.

360 Systems designs and manufactures innovative video and audio products at its headquarters in Newbury Park, California. The company is a privately held California corporation. 360 Systems is celebrating its 40th year serving the broadcast and Pro AV industry.
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